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Keeping your Essex tenants happy – the top tips

Essex is a popular location for renters – particularly those who commute into London on a daily basis for work.

So, while landlords shouldn’t have to fight too hard to occupy their rental properties in this county, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to keeping tenants happy and in place for the long-term.

Long-term, reliable tenants are what the majority of landlords are after as they bring a regular stream of income and mean that void periods are kept to a minimum.

The landlord-tenant relationship is absolutely crucial to this. But it can, at times, be taken for granted. There are, however, things landlords can do to keep tenants on side.

Below, we outline what some of these are…

Get it right from the start

Communication is all-important when it comes to the tenant-landlord relationship. Establishing a friendly, cordial relationship from the off will help to minimise the chances of disputes or confusion down the line.

This is where a clear and concise rental agreement comes into play, explicitly laying out for tenants what their rent will be, how you expect them to behave and the rules and regulations they will need to abide by – for example, are they allowed to smoke or keep pets in the property and are they allowed to redecorate?

Making things clear-cut from the very beginning will help to stop issues from arising at a later date.

Understand the importance of maintenance

Tenants are much more likely to stay for the long-term if they are house proud and if they live in a property that is well-maintained and pleasing on the eye. Things like mould, damp, clogged gutters and broken handles on doors don’t give off that impression – they smack of a home that isn’t really cared for.

As much as possible, you should deal with repairs in a quick and efficient manner, carry out preventative maintenance to stop things like damp becoming a really expensive problem, and make sure all those little DIY jobs are completed in a timely and non-disruptive fashion.

React quickly to major issues

You shouldn’t be expected to drop everything for more minor issues like a broken lightbulb or a malfunctioning toaster, but things like a faulty boiler or a broken down fridge will require immediate attention.

Tenants really will appreciate being made to feel like first priority and besides, the longer you leave a complaint, the more frustrated your tenants will become and the more it’s likely to leave you out of pocket over time.

Recognise their privacy

They might only be renting, but most tenants will still want their property to feel like home. And, as a landlord, you want that too. If a house feels like a home, it stands to reason that people stay put for longer.

However, a big part of this is trust and privacy. If you turn up unannounced every so often, this may not go down very well with your tenants. There is a difference between popping by for a specific matter and just dropping by without an invite.

Of course, emergency issues change things somewhat, but in the majority of situations you should let your tenants know in advance that you will be visiting the property.

For more info on how best to manage your property and keep your tenants happy, please get in touch with us at one of Balgores Property Group’s many branches.

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Author – Martin Gibbon

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