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Using a professional Agent to find you a Tenant for your property is only half of the job. Ensuring that the Tenancy is well looked after for the duration of the Term is a specialist job in itself.


Balgores train all of it’s management staff to ensure we provide not only the highest level of service to you, the Landlord, but also to make sure that we have the knowledge and ability to deal with any of the many issues that may arise during the Tenancy.


Obviously we all hope that there are no problems at all during the Tenancy but, if there are, they can be time consuming and costly to deal with. By employing a professional Managing Agent you can be assured that we are able to deal with any problems that may arise whilst leaving you free to carry on with your own life.


Property Management is a specialised field that covers so many different areas it really isn’t possible to list them all here but here are just a few examples of how we can make things easier for you and save you money in the long run:





This is without doubt one of the most contentious areas of property rental and is often the main cause of dispute between Landlord & Tenant. These disputes are usually as a result of misunderstandings about who is responsible for what when it comes to rental properties. Balgores Management staff are experienced and well trained to deal with incoming calls and as a result are able to distinguish very quickly between issues that are genuinely the Landlords responsibility and those that should be the Tenants. Through many years in the industry our staff can also often check the background to certain issues and resolve them over the phone thus saving the need to call out a contractor and therefore unnecessary expensed to the Landlord.


When we do have to call out a contractor it will be someone who is on our approved panel, who has public liability insurance and has proved to us that they offer a high standard of work at a reasonable price.



Rent Arrears


This is obviously the most dreaded situation for most Landlords and hopefully you will never experience this. However if it does happen it is comforting to know that Balgores Property Managers work to a rigid structure that aims to deal with arrears in a way that gets them paid before they get out of hand and in most cases we manage to achieve this without the need for further Legal action.

In the event that we are unsuccessful then we will be on hand to talk you through the complicated Laws of eviction and can instruct solicitors on your behalf and we will even appear in Court on your behalf if necessary.

 Nowadays there are several rental warranty policies available and as your managing agent we would strongly recommend them as, if the worse comes to the worst, they will ensure peace of mind and that you suffer little, if any, financial loss. To find out more about this please call your local office who will be happy to explain exactly what is covered.



End of Tenancy Disputes & Queries


Since the advent of Deposit Protection this is an area where we spend a lot of time on behalf our clients. With it now being necessary to prove any deductions are valid and get the Tenant to agree with you this really is an area of our Management service that is worth it’s weight in gold!


We regularly attend training courses to keep up with the way that dilapidations are viewed through the Deposit schemes and have found that though careful negotiation, good knowledge allowing for clear explanation and a little compromise we normally manage to come to a satisfactory agreement without the need for the lottery of independent arbitration. These are some of the common and time consuming disputes that we deal with every day so our clients don’t have to.

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