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A Simple Checklist To Consider Before Moving Home

13 September 2019

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Even when you’ve confirmed your purchase there’s still work to do

You may heave a sigh of relief when you’ve finally confirmed purchase of your new property and concluded the sale of your present one; months of house hunting and showing people round your home is over and you’re moving.

More organisation and planning is required though to ensure the big moving in day goes as smoothly as possible.

Be aware of the following:

Clarify moving date

An obvious point but be sure everyone is settled on your date to move; check with your property professional such as these South Woodham Ferrers estate agents to ensure everything is in place for the nominated day such as keys being available at a certain time.

Notification of moving

Apart from friends and family and your employer there’s a long list of others you’ll need to notify regarding your new address.

Along with your doctor, dentist and optician there’s government departments such as the DVLA to change your car’s V5C registration document address details, the HMRC, your local authority’s council tax department and more.

Finance providers such as your bank, loan provider and credit card companies will need informing as will your utilities suppliers.

This list will help ensure you don’t forget anyone.

Mail redirection

While informing people as above should ensure mail reaches your new address it’s worth organising a mail redirect with the Post Office; there is a charge for this.


Moving is a golden opportunity to declutter; bear in mind removal companies usually charge by volume of items, so don’t pay for things you could easily dispose of if no longer needed.

Pre packing

You may be paranoid about boxing up items in advance if you think you may need them, but any pre packing you can do will save time nearer the moving day.

Perhaps clothing you know you won’t need for a while - winter coats and jumpers if you’re moving in the summer for example - can be packed away as can many books, DVDs and other items you can likely live without until you move.

Packing materials

Plan ahead to ensure you have enough packing materials, supplies and relevant boxes to hand.

For example, your large screen television should be packed carefully before moving - ideally in its original box. Ensure you still have this and if not get something suitable for this and other delicate items from a removal company.

Ensure you have plenty of items such as tape, labels, bubble wrap and paper.

Clean your new home

If you can, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your new home before you start moving items in. A good way of ensuring your new place is sparkling before moving is to use an expert home cleaning service.

Smooth changeover

A few things you can do to help ensure a smooth changeover:

Meter readings - take them at your old property just as you move out so ensuring no disputes over energy use with the new owner.

Similarly, take them as soon as you arrive at your new home to avoid paying for energy you haven’t used.

Checklist - you’ll need to know certain facts about your new home from the previous owner such as :

   Where is the water stopcock?

   Where are the electricity and gas meters?

   When is dustbin day?

   Who are the current energy suppliers?

It’s a nice touch if you provide this for the owners of your previous property in the form of a written list left somewhere they’ll easily find it.

Moving day survival kit

Prepare a kit of items you’ll need to keep body and soul together bearing in mind shops may not be open.

Moving items - along with plenty of packing materials as discussed earlier, pack items such as a knife for easily opening boxes and maybe a couple of screwdrivers. A penlight torch could come in handy.

Sustenance - your moving day could be long and hard work, so ensure you have something to eat and drink. Some sandwiches, a flask of hot drink and a few bottles of water will be most welcome at some point.

Other items - bear in mind you’re likely moving into an empty house so some cups, a kettle, a few plates, loo rolls and some toiletries easily to hand will be worthwhile.

The timetable

The above takes care of essentials but moving can be even more involved; the best way is to have timetable and check things off as they’re completed moving towards the big day. This comprehensive timetable could be of help in your planning.

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