The Best Rental Areas in Hornchurch

20 June 2019

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Appealing area to live combining a rural town feel with good transport links

Hornchurch is an area in Essex combining an idyllic mix of a rural town feel with the practical benefits of good rail access to London and proximity to other transport links such as major roads.

Hornchurch in general

The Hornchurch area is some 15 miles north-east of central London and just south of Romford which offers an appealing mix of a smaller town feel with plenty of green space along with many amenities. These range from entertainment options such as the busy Queen’s Theatre, and leisure areas including the country park on the site of the former RAF air base where Spitfires were based in World War II.

 There’s plenty of shopping and eating out choice - there are over 100 places to eat ranging from upmarket restaurants to simple cafes including cuisine options from all over the world. Romford offers even more including the fourth largest shopping facilities in London.

 As with many other towns and areas in this part of Essex, links for commuting into London are good; Hornchurch has its own Tube station - one of the last stops on the District line - and overground services can be accessed via Romford and Upminster. Access to major roads is good with the M25 motorway and A12 connecting East Anglia with London, both within very easy reach. No less than five international airports are all within an hour’s drive.

Areas to rent property

If you’re looking to rent a property in the Hornchurch area, the following may help you find the best option. We recommend that you talk to experienced lettings and estate agents in Hornchurch to see what’s available.

Your needs such as, access to commuting links may inform your decision. For example, if you use overground trains a lot and prefer to be nearer more amenities, then being in the North Hornchurch area would be desirable to be near Romford for the extra facilities and railway station. Emerson Park is another good, albeit pricey, location for transport as trains can be caught here for London instead of having to go to Romford or Upminster.

 If you think you’ll use the tube a lot, then be aware the station is a good half mile from the town centre. An option here is to consider nearby Elm Park in the west offering its own tube station and plenty of amenities such as shopping.

While much of the Hornchurch housing stock is interwar semis with some 1960s bungalows, there is a reasonable range of property types in the area ranging from small flats up to sizeable mansions.

There are smaller properties situated in handy to live areas such as the centre of town including flats and Victorian terraces, while an area like Emerson Park is the place to look if you can afford a higher monthly rent and fancy something leafier and larger (if any are available). More affordable family properties including a mix of semis and larger terraces can be found in Elm Park and Elm Grove.

Work with your local lettings agent

Once you have a feel for the area of Hornchurch you feel would be most appropriate to live in, then ensure a knowledgeable lettings expert knows about you so they can advise you of properties as they come up.

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