Wed 28 Dec 2022

3 Quick and easy updates that could help sell your home this winter

If you are looking to sell your home in this wintery weather, then you may not want to be taking on intensive updates or big projects to help increase the likelihood of a quick sale. However, many estate agents Chelmsford branches and others all around the UK will be pleased to offer tips and advice on quick and easy updates that won’t break the bank. Talk to your local estate agents and see if they can suggest any similar tips to the ones we’ve outlined below!

Pay attention to your flooring

Flooring is one of the things that will often need replacing when people first move into a new property. This is typical because it is either dated, old or damaged, or because it doesn’t suit the new owner's taste. So, what can be done when you are selling your home, to help reduce the need for new buyers to spend money on updates? If you don’t want to take on the cost and hassle of replacing flooring yourself, you could opt for one of these ideas instead:

Have your carpets professionally cleaned - if your carpets are stained, dirty or looking a little worse for wear, then you might be surprised at what a little professional cleaning could achieve. Having your carpets professionally cleaned (or hiring a machine to do it yourself) will make them look fresh, and new and smell great.

Strip wooden floors or deep clean - if you have wooden floors that need a little TLC, then stripping them back to their original state and giving them a fresh coat of varnish could work wonders. It will also save new buyers a big job.

Re-grout or replace damaged tiles - tiled flooring can be made to look new, simply by looking at replacing any damaged tiles and redoing the grouting.

Painting and decorating for a fresh new look

Often all that is needed to spruce up your property is a fresh coat of paint. If some of your walls are looking a little worse for wear, you could consider painting them in a light and airy colour to instantly lift the aesthetic and create the illusion of more space.

Home decor and accessories

Your home decor is worth investing in, as you can take it all with you when you move. Think about creating a welcoming, warm, and cosy space for the cold winter months. Using soft and textured blankets in winter tones such as white, cream, reds and amber tones will help to bring a touch of festive cheer whilst showing your home to be a place of relaxation.

Warm and simple lighting from table lamps can help to give a less harsh light to that of the cold-toned winter hues that we see filtering through our windows at this time of year. Add a pop of colour by using sumptuous and decadent lampshades in vibrant tones to add some interest to various rooms.

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