Wed 21 Dec 2022

4 fantastic things that should be on your dream property Wishlist

If you have the option to purchase your dream home, have you thought about what the key things are that you’d love to include on your wish-list if money was no issue? We look at four fantastic things that should definitely be Wishlist material when it comes to finding your dream home. Contact your estate agents Chelmsford branch or other local agencies to discuss what you would love your dream home to include when you are ready to start your search.

Outdoor space and land

One of the main things on many peoples dream property is outside space and land. Not all of us are lucky enough to currently have a large garden for our families to play in or for entertaining guests, so this is definitely a big plus point. The size of the outdoor space you need will vary depending on the size of your family and how this is due to expand.

Additional land is a huge selling point for many properties and is something that attracts many buyers in today's property search. A good amount of land will give you plenty of options when it comes to the future. Perhaps you would like to have room for livestock or to start your own self-sufficient lifestyle? Extra land would certainly help to make this possible.

The potential to extend

A property with the potential to extend is always going to be tempting to buyers. Extending offers the versatility for your home to grow in size as your family expands. You may also like to extend to create additional living spaces or to work from home. Some people choose to extend upwards and renovate attic spaces. This also gives you scope to add value to your property.

Open plan kitchen diners

An impressive kitchen is always high on peoples wish lists! A modern, state of the art kitchen is a real luxury. Open plan dining areas, bright and airy spaces and perfectly finished decor will save buyers having to complete these types of renovations themselves and it can be fantastic to move straight in, knowing that this is complete.

Spacious rooms for growing families

Lastly, bright and spacious rooms are essential for those looking to expand their family. Homes with large rooms with excellent potential for various uses over the years should always be on your Wishlist’s. Whether these are fully decorated already, or in a good condition and ready for you to decorate yourself is completely up to your personal choice.

You should also consider how your home will work for you as you age. Will there be too many stairs or is the home all on one level? Does your Wishlist cater to all stages of your life? These are all things to start thinking about as you plan what your dream home could one day look like.

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