Thu 09 Feb 2023

4 Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Estate Agent

As we bid goodbye to 2022, many people may be looking to start the process of selling their first home. Estate agents in Loughton and surrounding areas typically see a surge of new listings at this time of the year. With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy list of quick questions that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your estate agent when meeting them for the first time. In fact, many estate agents will be only too pleased to walk you through the process and to answer any concerns or queries you may have.

Fees and costings

One of the first and most obvious questions that you may have, will be how much you can expect to pay in fees and costs. Don’t worry, most estate agents will typically brief you on this as part of the initial meeting and you will be given clear and concise information to look over. If you find any of the terms, wording or amounts confusing at any stage, your estate agent will happily talk you through this in more detail. It is also worth checking when fees are due (this is typically when your property has been sold and the contracts have been successfully exchanged) as some estate agents may have a set way of arranging this.

What are the benefits of an estate agent?

Another typically asked question is “how can an estate agent benefit me?” This is usually a common concern for those debating handling the sale themselves. A good estate agent will be able to walk you through the steps that make them beneficial to your sale. These may include things such as:

Photographs and marketing - your estate agent will have good knowledge of home styling and how to take a photograph that shows your property in the best light. They will be able to explain how they will use these to market your property.

General advice - a good estate agent will be able to offer you their expert advice during the time they are working with you. With years of experience, this is highly beneficial to all sellers, but especially those for whom this is the first time.

Regular communication surrounding viewings - estate agents will book and arrange property viewings for you. They will also typically handle questions and communication both post and prior to the viewing. This allows for less hassle to sellers and reduces the risk of any miscommunication or confusion surrounding the property sale.

Have they sold and marketed similar properties to yours?

You might consider asking how past property sales from this estate agent compare to yours? Have they successfully sold any similar properties and are they happy to give any details of this?

How much is my property worth and how do you calculate the value?

Finally, you will obviously be keen to know how much your property will be valued at and how the valuation was reached. Your estate agent will explain why they have suggested this value and talk you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need, so you can fully understand the procedure.

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