Mon 19 Dec 2022

How to achieve a rural countryside aesthetic with your Christmas decor

No matter where you are based, there’s no denying that the rural countryside chic aesthetic is currently on-trend. Estate agents Chelmsford branches have seen a rise in the search for countryside homes. Do you want some inspiration on styling this popular look in your own home and garden this festive season? Here are a few top tips that should help you to achieve a countryside Christmas look, no matter where you are located. From city homes to seaside towns, there are simple ways to cherry-pick some of the best bits of the countryside Christmas aesthetic to suit your own property.

Fresh blooms and festive foliage for dramatic winter effect

One of the key ways to bring the rural countryside aesthetic to your own home is to work with a local florist or utilise the foliage and flowers around you to create stunning inside and outside decor. Try using rustic terracotta or wooden planters outside your front door and placing seasonal plants and foliage in them. This will give a stylish and welcoming look to the outside of your home.

Bring the outdoors in by using greenery, branches, and festive coloured foliage to drape across shelving and mantles.

White lights and warm glows for a cosy on-trend look

If you are looking to create an understated and classic style, then opting for simple white lights is an excellent choice. You don’t need to reserve this type of lighting solely for the Christmas tree either. Why not try weaving twinkling lights up your bannisters and intertwining them with simple real or faux foliage?

Keep your lighting low in winter months to create a cosy and welcoming look. You can also buy some very realistic looking faux candles with ‘flickering’ flames to give cosy Christmas vibes, without the worry of having real flames lit throughout the house. This is a wonderful option for those who have small children and pets wandering around.

Stylish festive accessories to set the mood

Bring the countryside chic style to your home this Christmas by embracing a colour palette of natural tones. Think about the colours that you’d naturally find in the countryside at this time of year. Burnt orange, soft greens, warm browns and mustard yellows all work wonderfully. Add touches of deep red and golds to create the perfect look!

Bring the outdoors in once again by using pinecones and other easily foraged finds throughout your home decor. Place them in bowls around the house or hang them to the tree, to create some wonderful woodland decor themes.

Think about textures and warmth in your decor. Blankets, cushions, and accessories that are soft and interesting to the touch will help to elevate your style and catch visitors' eye. Soft rugs will help keep feet warm and provide a welcoming finishing touch.

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