Tue 25 Jul 2023

How to ensure that your garden looks its best for summer viewings

Many estate agents Chelmsford branches are often asked for tips on how to prepare for summer viewings. The summer months are an excellent time to list your property and with good reason. The warm weather lightens the mood and can help to showcase your home in a gorgeous warm light.

Here we focus on your garden and how to ensure that in the summer months, it is doing all of the hard work for you when it comes to wowing your potential buyers!

Maintain lawns and gardens

During periods of exceptionally warm weather, our gardens can suffer. It is not uncommon for grass to die due to lack of moisture and for our flower and vegetable beds to look sad and neglected. Here are just a few of the techniques you can try, to help your garden thrive in the heat.

Drip irrigation - drip irrigation is a form of slow watering for your plants, that can see them take on more water over a longer timeframe. This can be more beneficial to the plant, especially those such as tomatoes which can suffer from diseases such as blossom end rot when they receive irregular amounts of moisture. Drip irrigation can be set up by professional gardeners if you want a fully installed system. If you prefer a cheaper alternative then something as simple as placing water-filled plastic containers around your most vulnerable plants with a hole pierced in the bottom for slow release can suffice.

Regular maintenance - regular weeding will prevent plants from being suffocated by bindweed over the hotter months. This invasive plant will shoot up everywhere in the summer and needs to be kept an eye on.

Mulching your beds - use grass clippings from your lawn or straw and hay to make a ‘mulch’ for your plants and vegetables. Spread this around the base of your plants to help retain moisture beneath the soil leaving your plants hydrated and thriving.

Feed your plants - a good plant feed such as Tomorite can help to give plants a boost of vital nutrients on those scorching summer days.

Tackle a deep clean of the interior

Your house should be clean and organised when viewable from any area of the garden. A deep clean before summer will ensure that when guests are relaxing outside or exterior viewings are taking place, no matter what window someone takes a peek through, they won’t see a mess inside of the house.

Garden furniture

Your garden furniture should be well maintained and placed in an area that presents a relaxing and tranquil place to grab a coffee or entertain guests. Tired and old furniture can be sanded and repainted cheaply in a variety of shades to complement your current garden decor. A clean, cohesive look that flows from one end of the garden to the other makes for ideal property viewings in any summer garden.

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