Fri 28 Jul 2023

4 successful marketing strategies estate agents may use to sell your property

4 successful marketing strategies estate agents may use to sell your property - BalgoresOur news

When you list your home with estate agents in Brentwood and surrounding areas you can rest assured that the marketing campaigns behind each listing are extensive. But what sort of things might an estate agency or lettings agency do to give your property the best possible chance of selling?

We take a look at just a few of the techniques that are likely to be utilised by your local estate agents. Don’t forget to arrange a dedicated meeting with the team if this is something that you would like to look into in more detail, as each branch does have its own strategies and can often take your own ideas into consideration when planning its next steps.

High-resolution photography and captivating copy

One of the first things that an estate agent will likely do when they take on your property is to arrange for a member of the team to come and shoot a series of high-resolution photographs that will be used in the listing. The process will be explained to you beforehand and any requirements detailed, but you should generally ensure that the property is spotlessly clean and tidy.

These photographs will be on display in online listings and on agency websites, so you’ll want to ensure that your property looks its very best. Don’t forget to keep any personal documents or photographs out of the way where possible.

Match your property with potential buyers on their files

A good estate agent will do their best to match existing clients with any suitable new properties that they take onto their books. This can save time when it comes to networking. Ask your estate agent about any potential good matches that they may already have on their files when you have your initial meeting with them. This could be a good way of gauging how fast your property may sell.

Using The Latest Technology

Every agency is different, but some may still be promoting their new listings in leaflets that will be delivered all around the local area.

However, in today's ever-changing and rapidly advancing technological world, most estate agents will use social media to promote their listings and find the most suitable buyers. Social media is a powerful strategy for selling homes because it showcases properties, highlighting their unique features and benefits to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers almost instantly. The agent can reach out to potential buyers based on specific demographics and interests by using targeted advertising, increasing the chances of finding the right match for each property. Using social media to market your property will ensure that it is seen by a large database of potential buyers.

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