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5 Tips for transforming your home under a budget

5 Tips for transforming your home under a budget - BalgoresOur news

How to make the most of limited funds to improve your property

Perhaps you’ve just moved in and funds are limited after all the expense, but you’d like to transform your property? Or maybe you’re looking for low cost ways to make your home more appealing to sell?

Even for modest sums you, can make a difference to your home by re-covering odd items of furniture with a lick of paint, or spending a bit more and reinstating a previously blocked off fireplace or having a sash window renovated.

If you’re revamping your home with a view to selling, ask your property professional such as these estate agents in Basildon what advice they might have to help achieve a quick sale.

Whatever your need for low cost transformations; there are some ideas you can pursue without breaking the bank.


1. Redecoration

Obvious perhaps but there’s no denying that redecorating all or part of your home can have a transformative effect for reasonable costs.

Just sticking to paint will help your money go further, and careful use of colours and shades will not only cheer up your home but improve aspects such as the feeling of spaciousness.

Previously gloomy areas can be lightened up considerably and even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on the front door can boost the appearance.

2. Garden

Naturally, a serious tidy up of the garden will make for a more attractive and enjoyable living environment, but maybe some revamping may improve things further?

In a small space perhaps, some artificial grass could lift things. This is especially worthwhile in gardens that are difficult for traditional lawn care; perhaps it’s too shady for grass to grow? Maybe it’s too awkward to mow?

A lick of paint to the fence or garden shed can cheer things up considerably, and if you can stretch to it some basic landscaping such as decking or putting in a flower bed, this can revitalise the area.

3. Deep clean and power washing

A deep clean - either done yourself or by professional house cleaners - can transform a space. It’s remarkable how much better things appear and feel when cleaned properly.

Don’t forget the exterior; if your house has painted walls, they may have become a bit tired and grubby over time; a pressure wash could be all that’s needed to wash away years of grime.

4. Kitchen

You may - as many householders do - spend much time in the kitchen as it’s the centerpiece for many homes. While your budget may not stretch to a full replacement, you can improve things with some lower cost changes.

Replacing cabinet handles and perhaps repainting units can cheer things up; if you do have more to spend then replacing counter tops could be considered?

5. Bathroom

Another area where a little cost can go a long way; while replacement is of course a major investment, simple tasks such as a deep cleaning including the grouting and removing limescale from the bath, sink and toilet will work wonders.

Replacing the shower curtains and maybe toilet seat can also make quite a difference.

Much more

The above are useful ways to improve and revamp without spending much, and there’s other ideas such as improving first impressions by tidying up out front and - a classic way to improve things - a ruthless declutter room by room.

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