Wed 17 Apr 2019

An update on Brentwood’s dunton hills garden village plans

An update on Brentwood’s dunton hills garden village plans - BalgoresOur news

Last year, Brentwood Borough Council unveiled plans to build a huge garden village development of up to 4,000 homes on land south of the A127.

The proposed development – called Dunton Hills Garden Village – is set to encompass the Dunton Hills Golf Course and Dunton Hills farm, linking Basildon and Brentwood boroughs near Thurrock; providing new schools, health facilities and 2,500 square metres of non-residential floorspace of restaurants, offices and shops.

The council has revealed it has spent around £400,000 on the development so far. Meanwhile, Philip Drane, director of strategic planning, recently informed the local policy committee that the council has received in excess of £630,000 from Home England, and is also hoping for more long-term funding for the next financial year ahead.

The proposed development

Dunton Hills Garden Village – one of four strategic allocations in the council’s pre-submission Local Development Plan – is proposed to deliver a minimum of 2,700 homes within the plan period up to 2033, and around a total of 4,000 homes over the life of the site: providing a range of flats and large family homes.

Additionally, the development will supply a new self-contained community with employment and local services, along with community infrastructure such as schools.

Brentwood Borough Council has also revealed that there are up to eight different land parcels that are required to be sold for the development to proceed.

“This will require careful coordination and site-wide planning to ensure masterplan integration, so that the garden village feels coherent and cohesive, as well as the appropriate apportionment of infrastructure delivery costs,” reads a recent council statement.

What could this mean for you?

The proposed scheme aims to complement Brentwood’s villages while enhancing green spaces, meaning that residents will benefit from a range of new facilities and amenities.

With as many as 4,000 potential new homes on the horizon, the development will attract more people to live and work in the area, meaning that local owners looking to sell their homes in the future may see increased demand. This could, in turn, help them to push up local asking prices.

While the areas between Brentwood and Basildon are already ideal locations with great transport links and affordable house prices, the Dunton Hills Garden Village development can further boost the region’s desirability and reputation, attracting more prospective buyers looking for high-quality living.

Much like the work going on at Hammonds Farm in Chelmsford, the Dunton Hills Garden Village is another ambitious building project which demonstrates ongoing confidence and investment in the Essex housing market.

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