Fri 31 Mar 2023

Basildon becomes property hotspot as prices continue to rise

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As the property market continues to experience various ups and downs, there is one thing that remains consistent amidst the chaos. This is, of course, Basildon’s ever increasing popularity as it continues to become a hotspot for buyers. Estate agents in Basildon are currently still witnessing an increased demand for properties in the area and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. So, let’s take a closer look at how prices have increased and why this might be.

How much have Basildon house prices increased?

Basildon house prices have dramatically increased. In fact, in the space of just ten years, property values have almost doubled. This is also being seen on a similar scale in other areas of Southern England such as Dartford (Kent) Horfield (Bristol) and Dover. Basildon house prices currently remain well above the UK average and now could still be an excellent time to list your property for sale.

What makes Basildon so desirable?

One of the main reasons for people to move to Basildon is of course the ability to commute to London with ease. Located just 25 miles east of central London, Basildon train journeys are fast and reliable. With more people choosing to adopt a hybrid ‘part office based, part home based’ style of working, being based somewhere with fast travel times can make a world of difference. This makes it easier than ever to embrace the highly coveted new work balance.

Basildon has seen a lot of investment over the years, making it a lucrative and attractive option for businesses as well as the general public to buy into. With a perfect mix of lush green areas and shopping centres, it offers a versatile living environment that appeals to people of all age groups.

You can visit the Wat Tyler country park for acres of green land and walking trails or head to an aqua park for some family fun. So, no matter what the weather, there are a seemingly endless number of activities to take part in. All of this, accompanied with the added bonus of high-quality eateries, cafes, pubs, and entertainment venues make Basildon the place to be based right now.

Where are the more affordable places to buy in Basildon?

Although property prices may be rising, there are still some more affordable areas to purchase in Basildon. These are ideal for first time buyers or those looking to invest in the location as the property boom continues.  One of these must be the lesser known area of Langdon Hills. This quiet and green space is certainly about to find its popularity.

Don’t be afraid to give your local Basildon estate agent a call to discuss the right area and price-point for your current needs. With so many property choices on the market right now, you are sure to find your dream home.

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