Mon 24 Jul 2023

Everything you need to consider when moving house in the summer months

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Many estate agents in Loughton and surrounding areas find that summer is a busy time for those looking to buy or sell their property. Summer may be an excellent time of the year to move for some people. The warmer weather can put us all in great spirits, following on from the often dull and dreary great British weather. However, for some, the scorching hot summer can be a harder time to move home and comes with some hurdles such as clashes with summer vacations, school holidays, and more. Here are a few things to consider when tackling a summer move in the middle of the UK’s hottest season.

Double check the vacation plans of key players

It is not uncommon for many industry professionals to choose to take their yearly vacation in the middle of the summer months. This is mainly because many people have their children and families home for 6 weeks in the school holidays and have the opportunity to spend time together.

As such, when planning any house move you should certainly check with your solicitors, estate agents, surveyors, and any key players as to what their plans are. One person taking two weeks' vacation in the middle of your house move can cause a chain reaction that affects everyone involved. Similarly, you should avoid taking a vacation in the middle of your house point or at any vital time. This could lead you to take your eye off the ball when it comes to important updates or things that need your undivided attention.

Managing family life and property sales

In the summer months, families are brought together and there is plenty of time off for the children. Whilst they will of course relish not being in school, this could make your house move a little harder to plan if you have kids in-tow for all of the important appointments. However, many parents would also see this as a great time for the kids to become more involved in the move and to build excitement for a new family home!

Tips for moving house in a summer heatwave

There are some key points to consider when moving home in a heatwave and these include taking care of your health and safety. If you are undertaking long drives in hot weather you should ensure that regular breaks are taken to avoid overheating yourselves and potential engine trouble for your car.

Be sure to pack plenty of bottled water and snacks for anyone involved in helping you move on the day. Staying hydrated can reduce your risk of heatstroke which can be particularly dangerous in young children and elderly people. With all of this catered for then you can enjoy your summer move and make the most of the glorious sunshine!

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