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Everything you need to know about staging your property for successful viewings

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Before you begin accepting viewings on your property, many estate agents in Chelmsford will suggest that you implement some degree of property staging in order to help showcase your home in its best possible light. Below, you’ll find some handy hints and tips to ensure that you have everything covered before the exciting viewings take place.

What does staging your home mean?

Staging your property simply means the process of ensuring that it is ready to be listed, whilst also creating a stylish and attractive space for your potential buyers to envision themselves living and investing in. The level of staging required is completely dependent on your personal preferences along with the advice from your sales team. Many homes that have been well-maintained and have a warm and welcoming atmosphere won’t require much tweaking at all. Key factors such as the property having an incredible location and being competitively priced, could also reduce the need to focus so heavily on the staging process.

Start with the basics

When staging your property, it is important to start with the basics such as decluttering and deep cleaning. This will ensure that you begin with a clean and tidy space, on which you can further focus your efforts. Key areas to focus on include flooring and other expensive items that buyers may feel need replacing. Hiring a carpet cleaning machine could bring your old and dirty floors back to life, whilst also ensuring that they look and smell their best. Removing any stains from your floors is also an excellent idea, especially if they are in areas that will be easily noticeable during viewings.

Staging odd or seemingly awkward-looking spaces such as alcoves and cupboards can also help to ensure that any potential buyers can visualise how to use this space themselves.

 Make the most of natural elements

Try to utilise the elements to your advantage. If you have viewings that are taking place on a bright and sunny day, make sure to open your windows and let a cool breeze circulate. Pull back any blinds and open the bedroom curtains so that people can get a good look at every room.

When showcasing your property on cold and gloomy days, you could consider creating a warm and welcoming environment by using warm-toned lighting, lamps and candles. Put your heating on or light a roaring fire to help warm up the property.

Is it worth hiring or purchasing furniture for property staging?

If you have a newbuild property or one that is uninhabited, then it could be worth arranging for a selection of furniture to be placed in situ throughout your property for aesthetic purposes. Social selling sites such as Facebook marketplace are also a good place to pick up a bargain on furniture that could transform your rooms at a fraction of store-bought costs. Don’t rule out asking friends and family if you can borrow key pieces of small furniture items and accessories, as this could also be a handy money-saving tip.


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