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How high-quality marketing will sell your home

How high-quality marketing will sell your home - BalgoresOur news

The best ways to promote your property

UK house prices have risen at the fastest pace in 15 years, with the average home worth 8.2% more than it was this time last year, according to Halifax. But there’s always room for improvement! So, if you’re putting your home up for sale soon, you’ll want to know that you can achieve the highest possible offer in the shortest amount of time so you can progress with your move. High-quality marketing is the best way to achieve both these goals.

Professional photography

Perhaps the most important element of your marketing materials are your photographs as these are the first thing that potential buyers will check out when they’re viewing your listing. Our estate agents in Romford stress that your photos should be taken by a professional who will understand exactly how to frame your rooms with the best angles and composition, whilst making use of available lighting to show off your home.

Virtual video tours

The pandemic has made video tours a normal part of finding a home. From a buyer point of view, a video allows you to take your time going through every nook and cranny of a home with less pressure than you might feel during a viewing.

Sellers can also benefit too, as video tours are a great way to funnel the most interested buyers to your door after they’ve already seen your home virtually. There will be fewer timewasters arriving on the doorstep if they’ve already seen your house remotely.

Property listing copy

You can forget copy and paste property descriptions. The words used in your property listings really matters. Aim for eye-catching and informative headlines and include attractive adjectives in your text like ‘spacious’ or ‘stunning’ that really help to sell.

It’s also important to be creative – write a description that piques the potential buyer’s interest and makes them want to book a viewing. You can finish your listing with a strong call-to-action, just as you would in any other type of marketing copy. CTAs such as ‘Schedule a viewing’ or ‘Don’t miss out’ will help to motivate the buyer to get in touch.

Range of marketing opportunities

Whilst property portals such as Zoopla or Rightmove might be the obvious places to market your home, they’re not the only opportunities available. You could be missing a trick if you don’t promote your property in other areas too.

These should include your estate agent window, direct marketing, printed materials such as magazines or newspapers and on social media too.

Choosing the right agent

When you’re searching for the best estate agent to market your property, of course you’ll want to know how much experience they have in selling in your local area. You’ll also want to know more about how much the estate agents charge.

But don’t forget to find out exactly how they plan to market your home. Seek out a firm of estate agents who goes the extra mile in providing high-quality marketing solutions for your property. Contact Balgores today to learn more.

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