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How to decide which property type is best for you

How to decide which property type is best for you - BalgoresOur news

Many estate agents Chelmsford branches are asked which homes provide the best accommodation and which are the best value for money. This really does come down to personal choice but if you are struggling to decide which is the right purchase for you, then you’ll find some handy ideas below.

Think about your daily requirements when it comes to your home

One of the first things to consider is what your everyday life is like and what this would mean in your property search. Some things to think about include: -

Family size and space requirements - if you have a large family, then purchasing a flat or a smaller property probably isn’t going to be right for you in the long term. It is possible to find good-sized family homes with plenty of space, especially if you are willing to take on a fixer-upper and do some of the hard work yourselves. Extending upwards into the attic space of any terrace home could be a fantastic option to create extra bedroom areas for children, teenagers, or relatives who reside with you.

Is garden space required? - if you have children and/or pets then you would typically prefer a property with some type of outdoor space. You can find this in a garden flat if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a family home yet. Downsides to garden flats are potential noise and damage from upstairs neighbours. Don’t forget to do your research at the property viewing and ensure that you are fully aware of who will be living above you before you sign the paperwork.

Do you need large open-plan spaces? - you should think about how much you plan on entertaining guests and how important your space is to you. Do you require a large kitchen with all the mod-cons for cooking up a storm? Or are you happy with a small kitchenette for your busy working lifestyle?

What is your budget and what type of properties are available?

An important factor when it comes to making any important decision is your budget. Do you currently have the budget to purchase the house of your dreams and your forever home? Or are you looking for your first step onto the property ladder that can be re-sold or used as a buy-to-let property down the line? A flat or smaller property would be perfectly adequate for this. Be sure to get a comprehensive survey to avoid any costly surprises when it comes to revamping or re-selling.

Could you live in a property with limited space or without stairs?

If you would prefer to live in a quiet residential area or are looking to retire, then a bungalow would be the ideal property choice for you. Bungalows typically come with a slightly higher price tag than some other properties and you would certainly have to compromise on less space and a lack of upstairs areas.

The benefits of a bungalow include easy access for those with limited mobility and those looking for a quieter pace of life.

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