Wed 05 May 2021

How valuable is your garden to your property resell price?

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Why outdoor space is top of buyers lists

As buyer requirements have changed since the pandemic began, homes with gardens are now in high demand. In fact, the word ‘garden’ was the most searched term online during 2020 which provides an indication about what Brits are prioritising in their daily lives. If you’re hoping to sell your home this year, then your garden could be worth more than you had previously realised. But exactly how valuable is your outdoor space in terms of your property resell price, and what can you do to maximise its potential before a sale?

Why have gardens increased in popularity?

At the onset of the pandemic, the Guardian reported that “There are now two classes, people with gardens and the rest of us”. This depressing statement was made in response to city dwellers struggling with the impact of being locked up in a small apartment with no outdoor space to call their own. As many Brits spent the first lockdown basking in their gardens and being grateful for the fortuitous, good weather. However, there were still millions of others who could only escape to city parks and be photographed and shamed for taking their daily exercise in a public space.

It’s unsurprising then, that some people living in London or other major towns and cities have longed for a garden to call their own. Or alternatively, have longed for a larger patch of outdoor living space to sunbathe, garden, exercise or socialise in. As people’s lifestyles have changed overnight, proximity to the buzz of the city, or living within an hour of the office are no longer top priorities. Instead, larger homes outside of London with gardens are the properties which are in the highest demand.

What type of gardens do buyers want?

Whilst any type of garden is an advantage over having no garden space at all, the south-facing garden still reigns supreme when it comes to selling a property. Estate agents in Loughton reveal that some buyers will view a property and use the compass on their phone to check out the direction in which the garden faces. South-facing gardens now have a 7% higher asking price than usual, as people really care about where the sun is facing and how many extra hours of sunshine they might enjoy throughout the day. For remote workers, the ability to take breaks or lunch outside in the garden whilst catching some rays is the icing on the cake.

Maximise your garden space

If you’re hoping to sell your home this year, then of course there’s nothing you can do about which way your garden faces. However, there are plenty of tricks you can use to maximise interest in your outdoor space to make it more desirable for buyers. First up, tidy away toys and any broken plant pots that are an eyesore. Make repairs to your fence or gutters if they need doing and a fresh lick of paint to any wood or metalwork can really help to spruce things up. Your lawn should be mowed, or if it’s synthetic then free of leaves and other surface debris. You might also rejig the layout of your furniture and introduce a focal point such as a firepit to make it seem more inviting.

Rightmove recently polled more than 4,000 home-movers and discovered that 63% were looking for a bigger garden or access to one. As a top priority for buyers, make sure that your garden is highlighted in your property listing to entice a great audience for your sale.

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