Tue 28 Jul 2020

Revealed: how to sell your home quickly post-lockdown

Revealed: how to sell your home quickly post-lockdown - BalgoresOur news

Following a seven-week hiatus during the height of lockdown, the property market reopened in mid-May.

Since then, it has recovered impressively as those looking to move before lockdown are now able to progress their transactions, while those who decided during lockdown that they want to move have entered the market.

Demand for homes is set to increase even further in the coming weeks thanks to the recent announcement of a stamp duty holiday until March 31 2021.

This means that over the next ten months, 90% of main property purchases will be exempt from stamp duty, potentially saving buyers thousands of pounds.

So, with buyers set to continue flocking to the market over the summer, what can sellers do to take advantage of this surge and sell quickly post-lockdown?

Below, with some help from NAEA Propertymark, we at Balgores Property Group reveal six top tips...

Don't neglect windows

Most of us would remember to clean our home before a property viewing, but windows often get overlooked. Make sure they are clear, shiny and look the part. If you have wooden window frames, try to paint over any cracks.

Windows are a big contributor to the overall look and feel of your property, so it's important they are given necessary care and attention.

Pet smells can put buyers off

We've all been spending more time indoors of late, and many of our pets will have too. As a pet owner, you're likely to have become immune to any unpleasant odours they leave, so it's important you air out your property before viewings. Air fresheners, candles and diffusers can also help in this regard.

Pet smells may not seem like a big deal, but they could put a buyer off before they get started on the viewing. Remember to take your pets with you when you vacate the property for any in-person viewings.

Complete those outstanding DIY jobs

It's likely you have a list of jobs that you've been meaning to complete for a while. This could include fixing door handles, repainting furniture, filling holes or oiling hinges and locks.

Buyers won't be too impressed if there are lots of little issues present in your home. First impressions count for a lot and many buyers will make up their mind within minutes.

Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to woo them and it's hard to go wrong with a well-presented home that is in good working order.

If you're not too confident about your DIY skills, it could be worthwhile hiring the services of a professional.

Keeps things neutral and light

You never know if someone else's interior taste will be the same as yours, so it's wise to steer clear of bright and brash colours when selling your home. Keeping things neutral and light can also help prospective buyers to envisage your home as their own, which is a key purpose of the viewing process.

If you have loud furniture and ornaments, make sure you depersonalise accordingly so that buyers are welcomed into a clean and clutter-free property.

Garden space is crucial

We all found out during lockdown just how valuable garden or outdoor space can be. Therefore, it's important you give your garden plenty of attention when selling, particularly over the summer months.

Tidying, de-weeding and mowing the lawn are good starting points, while you should also look to trim overgrown trees and bushes, introducing new plants and pots where possible.

If you have a seating or BBQ area, make sure you set this up for viewings so buyers can envisage themselves enjoying a summer soiree there in years to come.

Don't forget your safety obligations

Since the market reopened in May, there have been a range of new rules and measures property sellers are required to follow.

As well as vacating the property during viewings, you'll need to follow social distancing rules and stage the property so buyers don't need to touch too much.

You can see a full outline of the guidelines here. Taking the new guidelines seriously will show buyers that you are keen to sell your property quickly, which could make it more appealing.

If you require any further advice on selling a property in the coming months, you can get in touch with a member of the Balgores Property Group team via one of our many branches across Essex, East London and Kent.

What's more, you can request a free and instant online valuation to give you an idea of how much your property could be worth on the current market.

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