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Schools in Brentwood: What are your options?

Schools in Brentwood: What are your options? - BalgoresOur news

Making the best choices for your children’s’ educational needs

An important consideration when moving to a new area is the educational options for children in terms of what schooling is available and ensuring your new home falls within the catchment areas of desired establishments.

Fortunately, Brentwood and the surrounding area offer some very high-quality schools with impressive track records in terms of exam results and favorable Ofsted reports, so it should be possible to find schools giving your children the best educational chances.

Ask for help from local experts

If you’re doing an ‘estate agent Brentwood’ search to find a suitable property professional, look for one who knows the locality and can help you identify suitable areas to target properties to live in the catchment areas and are within easy access of the schools you’re interested in.

Some school ideas

It helps in many ways if your children can stay at one establishment for an extended period of their education as opposed to moving regularly as they reach certain ages. It means once you’re moved within easy reach of a given school, you’ll be in the right place for years to come.

For example, in Brentwood itself there’s the well-known and respected Brentwood School that covers the full educational time span: early years right through to sixth form.

It’s an independent co-educational establishment offering boarding options and has many notable former pupils such as the late Douglas Adams (author), former footballer and now Chelsea manager Frank Lampard, and the late Sir Robin Day (broadcaster).

It opened in 1558 and is set in over 70 acres featuring several listed buildings and a Tudor schoolroom. It certainly provides a high standard of education and plenty of extracurricular activities in both sporting and artistic pursuits.

A secondary school that enjoys a good reputation and serves a catchment for Brentwood is the Ursuline Convent High School, a secondary school covering ages 11 to 18. It boasts exam results performance well above the national average and was favourably assessed during its last Ofsted inspection in 2017.

Schools outside Brentwood

Just outside Brentwood, but a possible consideration where living near railway links is a factor for commuting, is Shenfield High School - an establishment with over 1100 pupils spanning the 11 to 18 age range.

This academy school is above the national average for exam results and gained a strong Ofsted report when assessed in late 2018.

If you live or are thinking of buying in the east of Brentwood area, then you may be looking for schools in the Billericay area so The Billericay School - another academy for 11-18 years olds may fit the bill.

Again, educational standards are sound with a favourable Ofsted report from May 2018 and exam performance is well in excess of the national average.

Plenty of choice

The above is a flavour of school options in Brentwood and the surrounding area; there are plenty to choose from and most offer a high standard of education, so you should be able to match up your property requirements with a good school in the catchment area you move into.

This resource offers useful information on scores of schools in the area.

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