Mon 26 Jul 2021

Securing a sale this summer – Top tips for east London sellers

Securing a sale this summer – Top tips for east London sellers - BalgoresOur news

Summer is certainly here, bringing forth bright skies, unfurling leaves and warm weather. And, as always, it’s a perfect time for sellers to sell their home.

While activity and transactions traditionally tail off as the holiday season gets into full swing, the second phase of the stamp duty holiday and other favourable buyer conditions are helping to sustain demand.

Prospective buyers are also flooding the market in search of homes with more outdoor space after spending consecutive months indoors. This, coupled with the season granting better conditions for house viewings, makes now the perfect time for sellers to act.

Below, using our experience as property experts in East London, Essex and Kent, we outline some top tips to improve your chances of selling this summer.

Natural light in abundance

One of the biggest advantages of selling in the summer is the ability to flood your home with natural light. In Britain, we can never take the sun for granted. Luckily, it will appear on a more regular basis as the months progress.

When buyers view your home, whether it’s virtual or in person, do your best to (quite literally) shine a light on your property’s best features. This includes opening windows and patio doors to give off a light, airy, spacious vibe, or getting your agent to direct would-be buyers to your garden space immediately to give them a brilliant first impression.

You also need to get your marketing material in order – there’s no point using photos that show off a warm, cosy living room in the height of summer. Work with your agent to pick season-specific photos that will help to wow would-be buyers.

Be as flexible as possible

When selling a home, it pays to be as flexible as possible. Buyers will appreciate viewing requests being accommodated as much as they can be.

Summer is a busy time for people, as schools break up and people head off on their holidays (if permitted during such an uncertain period), so spare time may be at a premium. So long as what they require isn’t completely unreasonable, do your best to build a good relationship with would-be buyers. 

If you accept an offer from a prospective buyer and the sales process begins, make sure you are on the ball with any of the necessary correspondence and information required to ensure delays and hold-ups are kept to a minimum.

A garden fit for summer

With gardens and outdoor space a top priority among buyers, and even more so as a result of the pandemic, it’s vital that your garden is in top condition for virtual and in-person viewings.

You may want to carry out a range of basic, cost-effective tasks such as de-weeding, washing your patio, clearing away garden waste, sprucing up garden furniture, mowing the lawn and, now that the season calls for it, incorporating colourful potted plants.

What’s more, if you have a key or standout feature – a water fountain, a pond, an outdoor pizza oven or a BBQ area, for example – don’t be afraid to point this out.

Equally, if your home happens to be close to, or overlook, a scenic location, such as woodland, rolling countryside or a man-made lake – many of which can be found in the eastern locations we are based in – then would-be buyers should be made aware of this.

A family affair

One demographic in particular is making a move to bigger homes, namely families with young children, with research showing 74% of parents are longing for more space post-Covid.

More specifically, families with children under the age of 11 are currently the more active buyers across the country and are keen to secure larger properties in the catchment areas of good or outstanding schools.

This increased demand for family homes will, of course, be an advantage if you are selling this type of property. If your main target market is families, now is as good a time as any to sell.

If you ensure your home is attractive, well-maintained and homely, your chances of achieving your asking price or above are likely to be good in the current environment.

Here at Balgores Property Group, we can help to manage your sale in the best possible way and get the most from your home as a result. We operate in Essex, East London and parts of Kent.

If you would like further guidance on any part of the lettings/sales process, get in touch with our expert team today. You can also get a free and instant online valuation to see how much your home could be worth on the current marketplace.

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