Thu 31 Jan 2019

South Woodham Ferrers new medical centre to open in summer 2019

South Woodham Ferrers new medical centre to open in summer 2019 - BalgoresOur news

The town’s new development continues to take shape

This will be a watershed year for South Woodham Ferrers, with exciting new developments surrounding the new Sainsburys store on Burnham Road

New information has recently been released to confirm that there is more than just a supermarket in the pipeline at the new development on Burnham Road. The site has been being prepared for the past few months, and after several months in which little progress seems to have been made, the buildings are now taking shape.

Living well in South Woodham Ferrers

According to a press release from the Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, a state of the art facility covering 16,000 square feet will include three GP surgeries across two floors. There is also the very real possibility of a dental practice and a pharmacy, although details of these are still to be confirmed.

Together, these will comprise of what is known as a live well hub, which is a one-stop shop in which members of the community can receive joined up care, all under one roof. Representatives from the Clinical Commissioning Group have just completed a series of meetings with patient groups in South Woodham Ferrers, to explore what these plans will mean to the local community.

In addition to the GPs, dentists and pharmacy, there will also be the potential to provide other healthcare services, for example from the Mid Essex Mental Health Trust.

What else is planned at the new site?

It is already well-known that the main feature of the new Burnham Road development will be a Sainsbury’s supermarket. This will provide much-needed competition for the Asda supermarket around which the town centre was built in the early 1980s. Asda is, and will remain, a vital part of South Woodham Ferrers, but the continued growth of the town means that a second major supermarket is well overdue.

The new Sainsburys store will cover an area of 45,000 square feet. As well as the usual supermarket facilities, it will also include an in-store bakery, a café and a petrol station. It is anticipated that the new store will generate around 320 new jobs in the area.

Over the coming months, expect to hear more updates on additional retail and community facilities that will form a part of the development.

A great place to live

The new shopping and community development on Burnham Road is a major landmark in South Woodham Ferrers’ continued development and evolution. The town is already one of the most popular residential spots in the county, thanks to its blend of great facilities, peaceful country living and excellent transport links into London. There can be little doubt that this latest addition will only serve to add to the town’s desirability.

For those considering a move to the area, this is the perfect time to put those thoughts into action and with everything from compact studio apartments to opulent town houses available, this really is a place where there is something for everyone.

The increased attention that the town is creating means this is also a perfect time for existing residents who are planning a move to put their properties on the market. To help you get your home sold in South Woodham Ferrers, call our team on 01245 323729 for more information. Here at Balgores Property Group, you can also request a free instant online valuation to give you a good idea of how much your home is currently worth.

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