Wed 11 Apr 2018

The right site

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There are still some remarkably old-fashioned estate agents out there who believe that their website has perfectly connected them to the digital age. Yet, on closer inspection, some agents’ websites can actually alienate their customers.

We spend a fortune on attracting and nurturing the right buyers. So we make sure that our website is fully responsive and completely in synch with today’s multi-platform-enabled consumer. In other words, there is no point in having a website that works well on Internet Explorer, but crashes in Google Chrome. Or, when a buyer sees a property on his work computer and excitedly shares the link with his wife, she cannot view it on her iPad.

Or what about those times when buyers, standing in a queue or waiting for a colleague to arrive, simply want to check out the latest properties on their smartphone? Unless an agent’s website is fully responsive and mobile-enabled so that it works beautifully on any device, it could appear clunky at best and unworkable at worst.

We are passionate about helping people move, and we never let technology get in the way of relationships, or indeed a sale! Nevertheless, we proactively embrace those technologies that help us to do our job efficiently. A fully responsive website is the bare minimum any agency should have in place. So when considering who to use to sell your property, a good starting point might be to see how easy it is to look for beautifully presented properties on several devices before picking up the telephonic one! (Ideally to us!)

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