Thu 07 Oct 2021

Top red flags that will put buyers off your home and what to do about them

Top red flags that will put buyers off your home and what to do about them - BalgoresOur news

How to entice buyers and secure an offer

The property market has seen a rise in the number of ‘power buyers’ – those who have already sold their home and have cash in the bank, putting them in a stronger position than those who have yet to sell their properties. If you wish to compete with the stiff competition out there, you’ll need your home to be in excellent condition so you can secure a sale and move on with your own purchasing plans. Make sure you avoid these top red flags that buyers will run a mile from if they spot them whilst viewing your home.


We like to think that potential buyers can see past other people’s belongings and imagine how they would use the living space themselves. But the reality is that clutter or dirty rooms can really put buyers off and even make a home feel smaller than it really is. Make sure you have a thorough clear-out and maintain high standards of cleanliness before going on the market.

Signs of damp

Damp is not only unattractive to the eye, it can also be an expensive problem to sort out. If buyers spot patches of mould, stained ceilings or any crumbling paintwork whilst touring your home, they’re unlikely to proceed to the offer stage. Get in touch with damp specialists to locate the source of the problem – the longer you take to do this, the more expensive it will be to fix.

Lack of kerb appeal

A buyer’s first impression of your home is impossible to retake, which is why it pays to put a bit of effort into your property’s exterior. Our estate agents in Wickford are aware that some buyers will even walk or drive by your home before arranging an official viewing. To get them through the door, make sure you’ve carried out basic maintenance such as weeding your front garden, staining your fence posts and fixing any broken guttering. You might even want to give your front door a lick of paint and jet wash your driveway to create a more polished look.

Not enough natural light

Not every home is blessed with large windows that allow natural light to stream in and fill your living space. If your home is a little on the dark and dingy side, then there are plenty of lighting tricks you can make use of instead. Hang mirrors in your darkest corners to reflect light, and position lamps in strategic spots to illuminate your rooms and make them look cosy. Switch your bulbs around for brighter versions too.

Busy décor

Much like having too much clutter on show, elaborate décor can be equally displeasing to the eye of potential buyers. If you use gaudy paint colours or garish tiles, then it is often worth simplifying your colour scheme by switching to more neutral shades that are inoffensive. Painting your walls should be straightforward, but you can also use specialist tile paint or wrap your kitchen cupboards to make your home more sellable.

Remember that sorting out any red flags in your home shouldn’t be an expensive job. If you feel the temptation to invest in more costly renovations, then always check with your estate agent first to see if you will recoup this back in the sale price.

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