Mon 14 Oct 2019

Top tips for a stress free house move

Top tips for a stress free house move - BalgoresOur news

Everybody knows that buying a property can be extremely stressful with viewings, applications, surveys and mortgages being a long and often tense experience for those involved.

However actually moving house needn’t be something to fear or worry about if planned and executed properly.

We spoke to our team in our Upminster office  and got some of their top tips to follow for a stress free house move!

Early preparation

Get started early by writing lists of what needs to be done, what you need to do and by what date - to give yourself achievable deadlines to work to and ensure everything is not left to the last minute.

Packing supplies

Get organised early with what you need to properly and securely pack away your belongings. Boxes of all sizes, bin bags, bubble wrap, packing tape, newspaper, labels and pens should be on everybody’s moving supply list.


It can be months and months between having an offer accepted on a property and actually moving in so use this period wisely and declutter. This is the perfect time to go through everything and sell, donate, recycle or throw away unwanted items. This can mean a lot less stuff to pack up and unpack again the other end and also keeps moving costs down.

Categorise items

Know what you are going to pack up and when you need to pack it. Least used items such as stuff found in the garage; loft or spare rooms can be boxed up well in advance. Non-essential items like out of season clothing and rarely used kitchen appliances will be next to pack away. Ensure that items such as important paperwork, documents, passports and medication are kept together in a safe place. As moving day draws closer you can pack away more items from each room leaving just the essentials and large furniture for the last day.

Take photos

If there are certain things such as complicated wiring at the back of a TV that will all need unplugging and putting in again at the new property then be sure to take photos. This will save a lot of time and stress at the other end so you can focus on other things.

Box labelling and inventory

When labelling a box be sure to clearly mark it with – the room the box is destined for, an example of what is inside and if it’s fragile etc. for example ‘KITCHEN – DRINKING GLASSES - FRAGILE’. A step a lot of movers neglect to follow is an inventory so when packing boxes keep a numbered list of every box and what is inside it. With the corresponding number written on the box and a detailed list of what is inside the box on the inventory when unpacking the other end it will be much quicker and straight forward to find things you are looking for and you will be glad you took the time to do it!

Removal company

Depending on the amount of belongings, your location and cost there are several options for moving day. If you are hiring a removal company be sure to check reviews and ensure they have the correct insurance in place should anything get damaged. Alternatively a cheaper option is to hire a van yourself and call upon family and friends to help you move your belongings to your new home. If you have the money and are so inclined you can even hire a company to do everything for including the packing so you can sit back and relax!

Paperwork and utilities

Compile a checklist for utilities and change of addresses needed to help organise things such as gas, electricity, home insurance and council tax and internet in advance to ensure you are prepared ahead of time.

Essential survival box

This box that gets packed last to ensure it is first off the van and easily at hand for when you need it. Pack in here essentials needed by you and the family to get through the first day whilst moving in. This can include things such as – phone chargers, snacks, kettle, hot drink supplies, toiletries, clothing, toilet roll, soap, cleaning supplies, bottled water, important documents, recycling bags, plastic cutlery and cups, tool kit and children’s items such as toys or iPads.

Try to enjoy it!

No amount of preparation can guarantee a stress free moving day but if you follow these simple steps then there’s no reason why your house move can’t be a seamless, worry free and even fun day.

Buying a new property is exciting and something to celebrate so try to enjoy it!

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