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Top tips to consider when purchasing a property

Top tips to consider when purchasing a property - BalgoresOur news

Keep these points in mind to avoid purchasing pitfalls

A property is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy. These tips will help the process run smoothly.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, an up sizer with a growing family or perhaps an empty nester looking for somewhere to spend a peaceful retirement, house hunting is both fun and a little bit frightening. A new home is filled with possibilities, but it is also a serious financial commitment and can involve significant upheaval.

As you scour the online sites or look in the window of your estate agents in Romford to see the properties available, keep the following points in mind. That way, you can enjoy all the positives of this exciting time, while keeping the stress to a minimum.

Get your mortgage offer up front

Some buyers put the cart before the horse and go out looking for their dream home. Then when they find it, they have to work out whether they can afford it. Invariably this leads to stress, delays and often disappointment. Before you do anything else, explore mortgage options. Work out what you can afford, and spend some time comparing different suppliers.

This will work out better for you financially than grabbing the first offer you get in a state of panic before someone else beats you to the property you want. Also, the sellers will often be more flexible on price if they know you already have a mortgage offer in your back pocket and can effectively proceed immediately.

Get to know the area

One of the dangers of the internet age is that a property can look perfect in the description and pictures. However, they do not go beyond its boundaries, so really research the location. Does it have what you and your family need in terms of, for example, local shops, schools, green space, facilities, public transport links and so on?

If the area is unfamiliar, spend some time there, ideally at different times of day. The last thing you want is to move in and then discover the road gets gridlocked when local school come out at 4PM, or the parade of shops across the road turns into a no-go area inhabited by undesirables after 8PM.

Be clear about your costs

Estate agent fees, conveyancing costs, stamp duty, removals – the costs of moving can be more than you realise. Get these straight in your head from the outset. Most are clear and transparent, so it is just a case of writing them all down so you know what you will be facing and can factor everything in.

Don’t forget the insurance

Did you know you become responsible for the structure of the property when you exchange contracts, not on completion? Make sure building insurance is in place from that date. For the sake of a few days, it probably makes sense to sort out your contents insurance at the same time, as most providers will offer a better rate when providing both. Again, think ahead and you have time to research all the options calmly and methodically.

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