Tue 01 Jun 2021

What can a ‘Good view’ mean to your property price?

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Property prices have shifted substantially during the last 18 months, due to both Brexit and the global pandemic. As property buyers evaluate their living situation and make fresh decisions about what they’re looking for in their dream homes, some surprising features are being added to wish lists. Home offices are now more popular than playrooms as remote workers crave a quiet and distraction-free area to knuckle down to work in. But remote working has also taken commuters away from the cities as being near transport links is no longer critical. Instead, property buyers are adding homes with a ‘good view’ to their must-have list.

Where to find a good view

Chelmsford estate agents have been inundated with buyers looking for homes in rural Essex. Although the county town of Essex boasts excellent connections into the capital, new buyers are also looking beyond the city for homes in the beautiful countryside. Buyers love the idea of waking up in the morning and throwing back the curtains as they take in a stunning landscape. Alongside the many picture-postcard villages that Essex has to offer, buyers are also captivated by a sea view too.

New data from Zoopla reveals that properties along the Essex coastline are in the most desirable area in the East of England. In fact, the top three most in-demand locations can all be found in Essex in areas such as Southend, Leigh-on-Sea, and Frinton.

Why is a good view so attractive?

Whether a property’s picturesque location is to be found overlooking green hills or the mist of the ocean, there’s something deeply alluring about being based amidst nature. The fresh air associated with such locations is known to be good for both physical and mental health which is perhaps a draw for buyers. Of course, what is deemed to be a good view for one person may not be the same for another. If a property has a field of vision which takes in breath-taking landscape, but is overlooked by neighbours, then this may not be worth as much as a more secluded property.

How much is a good view worth?

If you’re a homeowner in a sought-after location, with a spectacular view to offer to buyers, then the value of your home may have skyrocketed in recent months without you realising. For example, having a seaside view can add £86,000 to the average property price, which is an increase of £19,000 in just one year. The average UK home with a sea view is now worth a significant £368,278.

Would you like to buy or sell a property with a great view? You’re in good company as the housing market has been incredibly active over the past ten months since the first lockdown restrictions were eased. With the government’s stamp duty holiday still in full swing, house transactions are the strongest they’ve been in a decade. February saw a 48.5% increase in transactions in comparison to the same month of 2020. If you’ve got your eye on pastures new, then now is the time to make your move!

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