Thu 18 Jan 2024

What Key Features Are Buyers Looking for in 2024?

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As experienced estate agents, we can provide help and advice on making improvements to your home to ensure a speedy sale. Read on to discover three of the key features buyers are looking for in 2024.

Energy efficiency

The cost of living remains high, with energy bills one of the most significant contributors to household expenses. This is leading many buyers to prioritise energy-efficient homes in an attempt to reduce their outgoings long-term. To make your home more energy efficient, consider upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, installing adequate wall and attic insulation, sealing air leaks, and incorporating smart home technologies. These improvements won’t just lower energy consumption but increase the overall appeal of your property.

Renovation potential

Many buyers are on the lookout for the perfect fixer-upper in 2024. There are many pros and cons of purchasing a property in need of major refurbishment.


  • Design your dream home. Being able to put your own stamp on a property is a major plus point for many buyers. Depending on the extent of work required, you can often fully design the home of your dreams. 
  • You’re likely to find that these types of houses for sale in Brentwood come with a cheaper price tag due to the amount of work that needs to be carried out. However, you must ensure that you have sufficient funding for full renovations and a contingency fund for any unexpected issues as the renovation gets underway.


  • Time-consuming. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough time in your busy schedule to complete renovations in a timely fashion. The longer renovations drag on, the more expensive things can become.
  • Overall cost. Don’t lose track of your expenditures and the budgets that you have set in place. It can be tempting to overspend on certain design aspects but keep in mind the cost vs how much value this will add to your property. You should also research the cost of building materials and labour. Are you able to take on some of the work yourselves or will you need a team of builders and tradespeople on hand? 

Outdoor space

Outdoor space is hugely important for homebuyers right now. The desire for attractive and versatile outside areas has grown rapidly in recent years as people look to expand their living space beyond the confines of the home. All types of buyers are seeking homes with optimal outdoor space. As well as young families seeking gardens which are ideal for kids to play and explore, many busy professionals and older buyers are also prioritising outdoor areas that offer relaxation and tranquillity. Well-maintained grassy lawns and outdoor kitchens or dining areas are major plus points in 2024.

When it comes to attracting buyers to your property, it makes sense to work with a reputable local estate agent. At Balgores, we can market your home in a highly effective manner, maximising its visibility to as many people as possible. Call us on 01277 216 800 or email to discuss your requirements with our team.

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