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What to consider when choosing an estate agent in Basildon

What to consider when choosing an estate agent in Basildon - BalgoresOur news

Ensure you choose a property professional who can help you properly

Whether buying or selling a property, the choice of estate agent is important in order to make the process as smooth as possible. A good Basildon-based agent will help not just in concluding a sale but ensuring it progresses as smoothly as possible to its conclusion.

Basildon as an area

Created as a ‘new town’ just after the second World War, Basildon is very well connected for London and within easy reach of larger Essex towns such as nearby Southend-on-Sea and Chelmsford.

It’s become a popular property choice as prices remain more affordable than in some other parts of Essex being lower than the county’s average.

Basildon offers an appealing combination of convenience such as good transport links - major roads such as the A13 and A130 are close by and Southend Airport is nearby - and good shops and amenities with green spaces are convenient for when relaxation and a more laid-back environment is sought.

The town is set for revitalisation and a new look from a £1 billion government investment.

There are various property types available; in and around the town consists mainly of mid-20th century-built properties of differing specifications while in areas such as Langdon Hills large, detached homes look onto fields to give a more rural feel.

A knowledgeable estate agent in Basildon can help buyers find their way round the local property market and can help sellers find ready buyers as fast as possible.


It’s still good practice to build a good relationship with an estate agent you feel comfortable with when house hunting - satisfy yourself that they’d be strong in the following areas:

Local knowledge - a good agent will listen to your requirements and help tailor them to not just suitable properties they have (or soon will have) on their books.

It’s worth doing your own research, too.

Hidden’ properties - estate agents will often have properties about to come onto the market or those, at the request of the seller, not being marketed via general onsite or print advertising but purely through direct contact.

An agent aware of your exact requirements is likely get in touch early to advise you when ‘hidden’ properties that may suit you become available.

Negotiating the sale - a good agent keeps involved throughout the process to ensure the sale progresses as smoothly as possible by smoothing out any hitches or ‘bumps in the road’ quickly and efficiently.


Choose a local Basildon property professional who can help market your home to ‘quality’ buyers:

Valuation - ask how the agent arrived at their valuation, and don’t necessarily be put off one who suggests a lower price than others; ask for their pricing rationale.

Terms - clarify what their terms are such as commission, fees, sole and multi-agency arrangements including how long a sole agency agreement should last before you have the option of going multi agency.

Marketing - how will they market your property? What online property portals will it appear on?

How else do they promote your property?

Advice - does the agent seem full of ideas and advice to help you sell? For example, do they have suggestions for useful yet cost effective ways you can enhance your property’s sales appeal?

Local knowledge - do they appear to have a good ‘feel’ for the locality and the local property market? Do they sound as if they know how they’ll best sell your property?

Negotiation - the same as in ‘negotiating the sale’ for buyers, you need the services of an estate agent who will fulfil their role in ensuring the sale progresses as smoothly and as quickly as possible once the ‘sale agreed’ stage is reached.

Does the agent you’re talking to make you feel confident they’re experienced and ready to do what it takes to ensure an efficient sale?

Your property professional

A good, knowledgeable estate agent who knows the Basildon and surrounding area property scene well is an important part of your property hunt so choose wisely.

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