Mon 18 Mar 2019

What to look for when choosing an estate agent in Hornchurch

What to look for when choosing an estate agent in Hornchurch - BalgoresOur news

Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge

Choosing the right estate agent is key to keeping the house selling process as stress-free as possible.

So you’ve finally made the decision to put your property on the market. The next step, and the one that makes it all seem real, is to get an estate agent on board to start marketing the property and find you the perfect buyer in the shortest possible timeframe.

It sounds easy if you say it quickly enough, but the truth is that there are now numerous options available when it comes to selling your house. Google a phrase like estate agents Hornchurch and a mixture of both local and national sites will appear in the search results. Here are some points to keep in mind when you make your choice.

You get what you pay for

Of course, you will want to factor in the fees and commission rates as part of the decision-making process, that is a given. However, ensure you are comparing like with like when you do so. Some of the online agents you see advertised on TV offer flat rates to market your property and these can look compelling. However, keep in mind that they are essentially going to list the property online, field any calls to set up viewings and that will be it.

Don’t expect them to put any special effort into proactive marketing, as that is not the way they work. Also, keep in mind that when you pay them upfront, there is no incentive to sell the property rapidly for the best possible price, unlike the case with local agents, who will be paid a percentage of the final selling price when the sale goes through.

Local knowledge is key

By understanding the local area and its demographics, a local agent will be able to create a targeted marketing campaign that will make your property stand out to likely buyers. And even more importantly, they will know exactly who those buyers are. Local knowledge also means the agent will be in a position to monitor the broader market to ensure you are pitching the property just right to get the best price in the quickest time. The other benefit of local knowledge is that the agent will be able to help provide local connections when you need them most, for example conveyancers, mortgage advisors and tradespeople.

Different marketing strategies

Everyone knows about sites like Rightmove and Zoopla, and these are, of course, important in the online age. However, it would be a mistake to think this is the be all and end all of property marketing. People tend to look at sites like these to research a market and see what sort of properties are selling at what sort of price, in different locations. However, serious buyers still spend time walking down North Street in Hornchurch and looking at the properties in the estate agents’ windows. Local presence mixed with national online reach is an ideal combination. Choose an agent that uses diverse marketing strategies including the local papers, direct marketing and so on.

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