Mon 20 May 2019

Why estate agents are important when purchasing a home

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A property professional will help the whole purchase process go smoothly

When looking for a property in Ongar or indeed anywhere else, the services of an attentive estate agent with sound local knowledge is more important than many might first think.

It’s known that an estate agent’s customer is the seller of the property, but estate agents worth their salt work hard for both buyer and seller, and not just up to when the sale is agreed but up to when the buyer finally collects the keys to their new home.

In order to provide a service to their customer - the vendor - an estate agent has to provide a service to the buyer, too.

How might they provide this?

Good local knowledge

Knowledgeable estate agents in Ongar for example would be familiar with the locality in terms of the general layout and amenities so as to help buyers find the best location for their needs and tastes - especially if they’re new to the area.

The agent also knows the local property market well and what properties the area comprises, so can help buyers find the type of home that meets their requirements.

With Ongar being a medieval town, there are many older properties of unique types including barn conversions, period cottages, town houses and some Victorian terraces, so a local estate agent is especially valuable in matching these specific properties with the needs of prospective buyers.

Advance notice of properties

If you’re not registered with an estate agent, or haven’t had an in-depth chat about your property and location requirements, you could miss out on properties soon to come onto the market.

If your estate agent feels a certain property would suit you, they’ll often let you know it’s about to come onto the market so giving you ample chance to consider it before it’s marketed.

This could be especially valuable if your requirements are highly specific, you’re after a certain type of property (a town house for example), or house hunting in an area where properties of the type you’re looking for are scarce.

Similarly, some properties aren’t marketed through advertising if the vendor prefers the sale to be more discreet, so the estate agent may only contact buyers directly who are on their list. If you haven’t built a relationship with an agent you’d likely miss out on these properties.

Negotiating the sale

An estate agent will be heavily involved in the process long after the basic sale is agreed.

Various obstacles can arise as a sale progresses so a diligent agent will react swiftly to smooth the way - and because they’re experienced in where and when issues can occur and what to do about them, they can be of enormous help during what can be a stressful period.

The go between

An established estate agent is highly experienced in conducting clear communications between buyer and seller, and this can pay dividends during negotiations on price and help the buyer prevent emotions running too high - always a factor in property sales.

An estate agent fielding questions, answers and general communications can ensure objectivity dominates the sale process.

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