Thu 13 Oct 2022

5 perfect buy-to-let locations that are near to beautiful tourist hotspots


Whether you are renting out your property on Airbnb to supplement your income or have a bursting portfolio of buy-to-let properties, it can't hurt for them close to popular tourist destinations. Estate agents in Brentwood and around the UK, are continuously reporting on strong sales and rental figures in key areas around the UK. So, you may be able to charge extra if you are renting your property in one of these prime locations! Here are five fab locations in the UK that could bring you in a little more each month.


Cheddar in Somerset is a small town with some very well-known tourist locations. Cheddar Gorge and Cheddar caves are incredibly popular with tourists and locals. This hotspot is surrounded by beautiful countryside, lush green fields, and farmland. You can park at the bottom of the gorge and walk right to the top of the cliffs. Cheddar Gorge is also a dog friendly day out, but we do still advise to keep your dog on a lead.  While you are there, why not visit Cheddar caves and check out some of Cheddar's fascinating history, as you explore the underground caverns below. You could even pop in and say hi to the witch of Wookey Hole while you are in the area, as this is another tourist hotspot that is close by. Cheddar is a bustling town with plenty of rental property potential.


It goes without saying that if you can afford to buy property near some major London tourist attractions you will have no issues renting it out for a good price. The London Eye, Big Ben and the theatre district are always going to be profitable areas for short-term holiday lets. You can ask local estate agents for their opinion on the best areas to buy in the 2022 property market.


Wiltshire is close to Stone Henge. This well-known tourist location sees tourists from all over the world, flock to come and view the stones up close. Rental properties nearby could generate a healthy income from both the UK and worldwide tourists.


Glastonbury is another famous location due to its mysterious aura. This town is steeped in legends and history and draws crowds to streets lined with magical themed shops. Glastonbury is also home to the now legendary Glastonbury Festival. Michael Eavis (a local land owner) started the festival with simple thoughts and aspirations. Many years later it has become one of the world's biggest music festivals and attracts impressive headline acts each year.


York is an incredibly popular tourist hotspot. Fans of Harry Potter flock to the city to see 'The Shambles' a street that allegedly inspired J.K Rowling's Harry Potter book and film series. The streets are lined with fantastic eateries, traditional pubs and as you can imagine many Harry Potter themed shops. It has something for families of all ages, with everything from a fascinating Viking experience to a marvellous chocolate making tour. With the right marketing, you could certainly rent out a property in this location all year round.

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