Fri 21 Oct 2022

6 key tips to beat the property boom and bag your dream home

6 key tips to beat the property boom and bag your dream home - BalgoresProperty

Despite having its ups and downs, the property market is still booming. If you are looking to get onto the property ladder at this uncertain and fast-paced time, then we have some top tips that might help you on your journey. Remember to consult your local estate agents and property experts to get the low-down on how the market is moving in your area. They may be able to offer some additional insight.

1. Prepare ahead of time

Houses for sale in Wickford have been moving especially fast. As with any popular areas, you'll want to ensure that you are fully prepared before you even think about purchasing a house. But what does being prepared really mean in this instance? Usually before you begin your property search, you will have looked at your finances in great detail. Mortgage providers will want to see your accounts and ensure that you are in a position to buy. It is important to keep your accounts in good standing to impress lenders. That means no gambling payments and avoiding excessive takeaways or irresponsible spending.

Once your accounts are in good shape, you can begin to arrange your mortgage in principle. Estate agents will usually want to see this before you view a property. This is a good indicator that you are serious in your search and that you are in a position to move forward with a purchase.

2. Use an estate agent

Many people assume that you need to be fully into the home buying process before meeting with estate agents. However, finding a good local estate agent and telling them what you'll be looking to buy may give them time to find the right sort of property for you. Some may even have your dream home already on their books!

3. Stalk the property websites

There's nothing stopping you from doing your own property search and checking out the market yourself. Websites such as Rightmove will have the most up-to-date listings, although your estate agents will be able to showcase the newest listed homes.

4. Be a cash buyer

It may not always be possible but being a cash buyer will undoubtedly boost your chances of having your offer accepted. The property market is competitive right now and as such, you may find yourself in a bidding war or having to pay above the asking price.

5. Don't be part of a chain

If you are not in a property chain, you are in a fantastic position when it comes to having your offer accepted on a property. Many sellers may look more favourably on those who are ready to move.

6. Find a good solicitor

Once your offer has been accepted, you will need to appoint a solicitor. This is a crucial part of your homebuying experience, as your solicitor can either help the move to progress quickly, or in the worst-case scenario they could hold things up. Hiring a solicitor doesn't have to be a stressful process. The key thing to remember is to hire someone with an excellent track record and when possible, hire someone who comes with a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

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