Tue 10 Jan 2023

An inside look at the best time of year to list your house (and it might surprise you!)


Many homeowners who are keen to sell their property and move, believe that the best time to finalise and share their listing is in the summer. With the garden and outside space looking its best, tons of natural light filtering into the property through windows and open doorways, and a bright blue sky transforming the look of even the most suburban streets, summer is no doubt a great time to get those photos taken and start drumming up interest in your property.

But when it comes to listing and adding houses for sale in Chelmsford to our site, the most significant uptake in interest comes between Boxing Day and into the New Year. And in this article, we’re going to share why.

Why Twixmas and the first few weeks of January are real estate prime time 

Twixmas in particular is a time of year when there is more relaxing than usual; when people spend more time sat in cars and on trains as they travel to and from family, and when people are looking ahead to fresh starts in the new year. Scrolling potential new homes and eyeing up their dream home becomes more than just a way to fill time – it’s an activity that inspires and can ignite in many homeowners a desire to move.

And that’s not all. Winter buyers are authentic and more likely to be genuinely interested in a potential purchase than people who enquire at other times of the year. With so much to do in the winter months, and poor weather keeping people inside, there is something to be said for those who get out and book house viewings even in adverse weather conditions – demonstrating willingness to find their perfect property.

Finally, if you list between Boxing Day and early January, you benefit from less competition. People are still sorting themselves out after Christmas and will be listing properties for sale later in the season. Use their delay to your advantage!

How to make sure that your listing meets the right pool of buyers 

Listing your property requires a fine balance of marketing a good deal, but still listing the price high enough that you only really hear from genuinely interested parties. From selecting the best photos to add to a listing, to finetuning the copy and selecting the best asking price, seeking the advice of an experience estate agent can generally push your property from a prospective sale, over the line and towards a profit.

A big part of this comes in how the estate agent that you choose markets and showcases your property – and how they appeal to the most captive audience of prospective buyers. Here at Balgores Property, we work with homeowners across Chelmsford, combining our extensive knowledge of the area and comparable properties for sale with those features and unique elements which make every home individual and perfectly matched to a prospective buyer.

If you want to sell your property this year, then now is the time to get it listed and in front of captive, inspired potential buyers. 


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