Fri 14 Oct 2022

Could your dream property be a bungalow?


When we think of our 'dream property' not all of us would instantly envision a bungalow. However, estate agents in Chelmsford have noticed that bungalows seem to be incredibly popular in the 2022 housing market and could make for a very happy home. Here are a few reasons why a bungalow can be your dream property you didn't even realise you needed.

Bungalows don't always mean 'small' properties

Just because you're purchasing a bungalow, it doesn't mean that it has to be small. Many people still think of a bungalow as the perfect option for downsizing in retirement (which it can be) but there are many more versatile and impressive bungalows on the market too. Modern and upgraded bungalows are actually incredibly popular with home-buyers of all ages.

Bungalows can come with lots of land

If you ask your local estate agent, they will be able to find you the perfect bungalow that has plenty of land and outside space. Bungalows don't have to be small and pokey with your standard patio garden, they come in various shapes and sizes and it is possible to find a bungalow with impressive land. This could be useful for keen gardeners and anyone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. You could even purchase some land and build your own bungalow to your preferred specifications. You could literally build your dream home!

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Without the extra floors and staircases, you'll likely find cleaning a lot easier to stay on top of. With everything on one level, you won't have to drag heavy cleaning supplies and hoovers up flights of stairs to get the basic jobs done either!

Perfect for the elderly or those with mobility issues

It is still true that bungalows are perfect for anyone looking to downsize later in life. With this type of property, you can still have all the luxury mod-cons installed, but you'll never have to worry about how to manage later on in life. Similarly, there are many different improvements and updates you can make.

Popular ways to upgrade your bungalow

If you want to ensure that your bungalow is modern and stylish, with all the luxury updates then you could consider installing things such as:

Underfloor heating - underfloor heating can add a luxurious feel to any property but works especially well in bungalows. Due to their ground-level location there is nowhere for the heat escape leaving your bungalow feeling extra toasty.

Double glazing - double glazing and new windows will help to make a home look amazing, whilst keeping it warm and cosy inside.

Security systems and accessories - State of the art security systems are an excellent way to deter thieves and to give you added peace of mind. 'Ring' doorbells with a built-in security camera are popular mod-cons that are widely available all over the UK and worldwide.

Bungalows are usually in high quality residential areas

Bungalows are typically in up-market residential areas with good links to rail and busses. They will typically have a gated driveway with private access.

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