Fri 27 Jan 2023

How to Refresh Your Home For Successful Post Christmas Viewings


Many people choose to put their home on the market in the new year. It is a busy time for estate agents in Basildon and all local areas, as we look at offering the best advice to sellers. Below you can find some tips for successful viewings and how to achieve the best looks to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Take down the decorations and wave goodbye to the festive decor

Now that Christmas has passed us by, it is important to ensure that all decorations have been taken down. Many people are now in the ‘new year mindset’ where they are focused on personal goals and starting January in the best possible mindset. Ensuring that all signs of festive decor are now removed, helps to create a fresh and positive mindset that could be in alignment with that of your potential buyers.

Have a January clean up!

The last thing any of us wanted to do over the holidays is to clean and scrub our house. But when the decorations come down, it is the perfect time to do just that. Some simple ideas include:

Packing away the clutter - excess clutter can easily distract your buyers attention from being able to see the true potential and space that your home offers. Try to see each room from a potential buyer's viewpoint rather than your own. You can then consider which items could be packed away into storage and what should remain on display. There are no set rules to follow so trust your own judgement or consult with your estate agent who may be able to offer advice on how to style your home.

Hoover and carpet cleaning - hoovering your house from top to bottom and cleaning that carpets could have a fantastic effect on its appearance. Whilst badly stained carpets may require attention from a professional, some will come up clean enough with a good scrub.

Tidy the garden and patio areas

Don’t forget about the garden and outdoor areas when you are preparing your property for viewings. This time of year can see strong winds that leave behind a trail of leaves, twigs and mess. Cleaning your garden and tidying up any areas of disarray will help to ensure that prospective buyers can see the full potential. Staging your garden may also be worth the extra time. This can be done by placing as little as a small patio set outside and planting some fresh flowers.

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Another important thing to consider is how potential buyers will feel when first entering your property. You can create a welcoming environment by ensuring that the house feels warm to walk into and that it both looks and smells good. Cheap and cheerful reed diffusers and scented candles will often throw out a good amount of scent, without being overpowering or costing the earth to purchase.

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