Sun 16 Oct 2022

The best locations for those longing for waterfront properties

The best locations for those longing for waterfront properties - BalgoresProperty

There is nothing better than being by the waterside when taking a holiday. But why should waterside properties only be for vacation time? Estate agents in Basildon and other UK locations will be able to advise you on the cheapest place to relocate if you want to experience living by the water. Below we'll look at some of the best seaside and waterfront locations to consider purchasing a home this year. Hopefully, you'll find some much-needed inspiration.

The Cotswolds

Arguably one of the most popular places in the UK, the Cotswolds is a dream location to purchase a home. With small and quaint villages, gorgeous homes and friendly faces, the Cotswolds would be the ideal place for a holiday home, retirement property or permanent residence. Many areas of the Cotswolds are surrounded by lakes and large bodies of water. You can find lake houses and homes where you could relax on the dock, from the comfort of your family property. This would be an ideal location for keen fishermen, as most lakes are freshly stocked with fish.

The Lake District

It goes without saying that the lake district would be the perfect place to purchase a waterfront property. This highly coveted tourist hotspot sees thousands upon thousands of regular visitors, many of whom enjoy coming back every year. Purchasing a home in the lake district would offer you the chance to live a lakeside life, every single day. With plenty of boating and water sport activities available, there will certainly never be a dull moment for adrenaline junkies. Retirement properties are also in high demand in this popular area of beauty.


Somerset is known for its farmland, vast countryside, and Cheddar cheese! Don't forget that there's a lot more than just the countryside to explore though. Somerset also has some amazing reservoirs and beaches. The small town of Burnham-on-sea is perfect for those looking for a quiet lifestyle in a small town. There are waterfront apartments available, or opt for something nearby that is less expensive but still within walking distance to the breath-taking beaches and sand-dunes.


Devon is jam-packed with beautiful beaches and impressive coastlines. You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to relocating to the 'Jurassic Coast' in 2022. The beautiful Devon coastline is perfect for dog owners and those wanting to explore small fishing villages and coastal paths. With its dramatic coastal views and beautiful moorland, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you've 

stepped straight out of a romance novel. Don't forget the Devon scones and cream teas as you settle into your new life in what the locals affectionately call 'Devonshire'.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to consider some of the best seaside or waterfront properties in the UK. A good way to decide which area you would like to base yourself in, is to take a short break to one of them at a time. A long weekend should be enough to give you an idea of whether this is the place for you.

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