Mon 31 Oct 2022

The best property related TV shows to binge watch right now

With the property market still thriving, houses for sale in Loughton are on the rise. Just like many other popular areas, prices are continuing to remain at a healthy rate. If you are looking for a little respite from your property selling journey, but love keeping up to date with the industry then there are a few popular shows that strike the perfect balance between entertainment value and insight. Some of the most popular property shows are currently taking streaming services like Netflix by storm. Those achieving cult TV status include:

1.      Selling sunset

Selling Sunset was developed by Adam DiVello. The creator of reality TV shows such as 'Laguna Beach' and 'The City' turned his hand to what goes on behind the scenes of The Oppenheim Group, one of Los Angeles most high-end real estate brokerages. This show has taken viewers by storm, but don't expect to learn anything too in-depth about the properties or industries themselves. Selling Sunset flits between focusing on the lives of the real estate agents and the agency itself. However, if luxurious and expensive homes are your thing, then you'll be utterly obsessed!

2.      Selling the OC

Created as a spin-off to the highly 'Selling Sunset', 'Selling the OC' revolves around the Orange County office of The Oppenhiem brokerage agency. This series sees some seriously impressive properties and offers a lot of insight into the brokerage itself and the sales, along with the standard reality show themed spats between the cast. When the commission that the agents make on some of the high-end house sales is revealed, you'll be googling how to get your brokerage license! You can watch the first season on Netflix now.

3.      Flip it like Disick

Scott Disick found fame in the hit TV show 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and has become an internet celebrity ever since. No-one expected Scott to develop an interest in property renovation and the house selling process, but his passions saw another show hit our screens. In 'Flip it like Disick' we see Scott Disick buy houses in order to flip them for maximum profit. The show follows him through each stage of renovations. Once again, this is reality TV at its finest so take it with a pinch of salt, but for entertainment value you can't go wrong if property piques your interest.

4.      Grand Designs

If you are looking for a property show with a long-running history and more of a documentary type feel, then 'Grand Designs' is for you. This popular Tv show first aired in April 1999 and soon became an instant hit with the general public. Presented by Kevin McCloud, 'Grand Designs' focuses intensely on the architectural side of the property industry. This insightful show follows real people as they build their dream home, on a budget. 'Grand Designs' has been broadcast for twenty-three series and the show often revisits popular episodes to follow up on the progress. If you are looking for a property show with an aspect of realism then this could be a good choice for you!

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