Sat 15 Oct 2022

The pros and cons to purchasing a UK based home with an outdoor pool this Summer

The pros and cons to purchasing a UK based home with an outdoor pool this Summer - Balgores

Any potential homebuyer would almost certainly rank a swimming pool as the top feature on their list of ideal features for their homes. However, with the unpredictable UK weather, is installing a  swimming pool really a good idea? Take a look at some of the pros and cons.

The Great British weather

The Great British weather is notoriously unpredictable. This makes investing in a swimming pool a very big decision. It is important to consider how much use you would genuinely get from a swimming pool here in the UK. Would it just be novelty value, or would it be a genuine asset to your home? It is also worth asking opinions from those who already have a pool, to see how they are finding it.

Balgores Estate agents in Wickford and all over the UK are likely to be able to track down properties in the UK with a swimming pool. These are likely to be high-end, luxury properties with a hefty price tag, but you could also consider adding a pool to your home as part of planned renovations. Talk to a good builder and explore all the requirements and surveys that may come as part of this.

Cost of upkeep and maintenance

General upkeep and maintenance are another thing to think about when purchasing a home with a swimming pool. Your pool will require regular checks, chemical monitoring, and many other issues to be dealt with. It is advisable to talk to a professional about this before making a decision. You may also want to check that there is someone locally who can take care of the maintenance for you, as it may be a complex procedure that requires expert assistance.

Pool houses and alternatives to outside pools

You could choose to build a pool house. If you are concerned about the weather ruining your pool usage, then this would ensure that your pool could be enjoyed in all weather. It could also provide you with more opportunities to maximise your investment returns. This would need to be talked through with an expert to ensure that everything is done by the book.

Family fun and socialising

There's no denying that having a pool in your garden here in the UK would be an amazing experience. Pool parties and family gatherings would certainly become a lot more fun! If socialising and family time are important to you, and you can afford the costs, then why wouldn't you jump at the chance?!

The importance of pool safety knowledge

Many people don't fully understand the dangers that swimming pools and bodies of water can pose. It is important to ensure that everyone in the family, and anyone using the pool is briefed on all the safety aspects of pool usage. Children have been known to drown in just a few inches of water, so ensuring full safety is the number one priority.

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